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Mac OS X

by Pierre-Yves Landuré last modified Jul 11, 2012 02:58

Free software selection for Mac OS X.

Installing Mac OS X

Here are some informations needed to install Mac OS X:

  • To be able to boot from CD-ROM, press the "Alt" key at start-up.
  • Having no recommended size for the Mac OS X system partition, i've chosen to use 100 GB: it is what it take to have a big enough temporary folder, and to install Adobe tools.

Informations complémentaires

Keybord shortcuts

  • fn + F9 : Exposé feature, display all opened windows.
  • Pomme + E : Umount selected drive.
  • Pomme + Backspace : Delete selected files
  • Pomme + Shift + Backspace : Empty the trash.
  • Pomme + ↑ : In the Finder, go to parent folder.

Software selection


Instant messaging client that supports multiple protocols (MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, AIM, etc...).

Mozilla Firefox

Excellent Web browser that can be enhanced by extensions.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Excellent E-Mail client that can be enhanced by extensions.


Free and open-source alternative to Microsoft Office, composed of Writer (equivalent to Word), Calc (equivalent to Excel), Impress (equivalent to PowerPoint). This suite can read and edit files created with Microsoft Office. It has a PDF export feature.


FTP, SFTP, WebDav, etc... client.


CD and DVD burning tool.


7z archiving tool, able to extract from many other formats. Work by drag and drop.


Add a history feature to clipboard. Store copied items for later use.


Setup alarms easily.


Choose the windows restored at Mac OS X Lion start-up.


Annotate photographs and screenshots.


Great media player supporting most audio and video formats.


Watch DivX and XviD files with Quicktime.

Flip4Mac WMV

Watch WMV files with Quicktime.


Start an application by typing the first letters of its name. Once installed, it is available via the keyboard shortcut Command + Space.

Growl Fork

Displays notifications for many applications.


Checks the status of the hard drive and file system structure, performs major system maintenance, displays the hidden options of Finder, Dock, Safari, Dashboard, Exposé, Disk Utility ... empty the cache, delete unnecessary files and folders, etc ...


Clean the hard drive, check the operating temperatures, obtains information on the hardware.

Name Mangler

Mass-rename files.

LynoType FontExplorer X

Manage and preview available fonts.


Display digital comic books (cbr files).


Free software font editor.

SSH Tunnel Manager

Easily create SSH tunnels.

Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

CD image for recovery of Mac OS X Lion without the need for an Internet connection.


DOS game emulator.


Alternative package manager for open source software (wget, gcc, etc ...).


Apple software development environment.