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by Pierre-Yves Landuré last modified Nov 27, 2011 02:39

Various servers installation guides for Debian GNU/Linux

  • Install and setup OpenVPN on Debian

    OpenVPN allow to create Virtual Private Networks protected by a OpenSSL encryption. It is a great alternative to PPtP (Microsoft) or IPSec technologies. Available on many Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows, GNU / Linux, Apple MacOS X, ...), it is a simple way to create a VPN between heterogeneous computers.

  • Setup a Bind DNS server on Debian

    Bind is a Domain Name System server largely used in the Unix world. Its great flexibility is associated with a quite complex configuration. This howto try to list most important configuration options of Bind 9.

  • Setup a peer to peer IPSec VPN tunnel (transport mode) on Debian

    IPSec is a encryption protocol for the IP layer of Internet communications. This howto create a encrypted tunnel securing communications between two hosts.

  • Install DRBD on Debian

    DRBD is a distributed storage infrastructure for GNU/Linux. It allow the replication of bloc peripherals (disks, partitions, logical volumes, etc...) between servers. This howto ease its installation on Debian.

  • Install Heartbeat on Debian

    Heartbeat is a software creating a high availability infrastructure. This howto ease its installation on Debian.

  • Setup a failover IP with heartbeat on Debian provide a fail-over IP functionality for Dedibox servers. This functionality can be configured by a REST interface. This howto setup a REST client for the high-availability cluster software Heartbeat allowing to change fail-over IP destination when a member of the cluster crash.