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by Pierre-Yves Landuré last modified May 28, 2012 06:43

Posts helping to setup a PHP server

  • Install PHP-FPM on Debian

    PHP-FPM is an greatly enhanced FastCGI mecanism for PHP. Its use allow to greatly raise the performances of hosted sites. It is a recommended software to optimize the hosting of sites with heavy traffic. This howto help you to setup this software on Debian, by using the packages provided by

  • Enhance PHP 5 initial setup on Debian

    The initial PHP 5 setup provided by Debian is just fine. This howto provide adjustments enhancing it.

  • Manage PHP ini options from command line on Debian

    Memory limit, upload limit, quote management, ... are PHP configuration options which change is asked by various Web applications. This howto setup a command line script to ease the management of PHP configuration changes.

  • Setup email alerts for PHP errors

    Being alerted of PHP errors raising on production sites increase the reactivity in face of problems. This howto offers a solution to implement such alerts.

  • Setup a email alert for PEAR upgrades

    PEAR (for PHP Extension and Application Repository) is a PHP libraries collection. It is also a tool that allow to manage these libraries. The first rule of system security is to keep the system up to date. This howto help you to setup a email alert when upgrades are available on the system via PEAR.

  • Install the APC PHP extension on Debian

    APC is the acronym for Alternative PHP Cache. This module enhance the performances of your PHP applications by caching the "compiled" PHP op-code.

  • Install the XCache PHP extension on Debian

    XCache is a op-code cache speeding up PHP code execution. It is a good alternative to APC. This guide helps to install it on Debian GNU/Linux.

  • Install the Imagick PHP extension on Debian

    The Imagick extension add to PHP the power of ImageMagick image manipulation tool. One of its advantages is that it can read a lot more image formats than GD. This guide help you to install it on Debian.

  • Install the XDebug PHP extension on Debian

    XDebug is a powerfull debug tool for PHP. It add traces to error messages and step by step debugging.

  • Install the ChartDirector PHP extension on Debian

    ChartDirector is a chart generation tool used by some PHP applications (for example, EggCRM). This howto ease its installation on Debian GNU/Linux.

  • Install IonCube Loader on Debian

    IonCube Loader is a PHP Zend extension allowing to use licensed PHP files protected with this technology. This post ease its install on Debian.

  • Install Zend Guard Loader/Zend Optimizer on Debian

    Zend Optimizer speed up PHP execution and enable the use of Zend Guard protected files. This guide help you install this PHP extension on Debian.

  • Store PHP sessions in Memcached

    By default, PHP sessions are stored on file system (in /var/lib/php5, or in /tmp). If the hosted PHP sites have an intensive use of sessions, this can add a additional delay to PHP requests run. It is possible to optimize PHP performances by storing sessions in memory with the help of Memcached. This guide describe how to set this up.

  • Store PHP sessions in Memcached and MySQL

    Using Memcached and MySQL to manage PHP sessions is the key to create high-availability hosting. This setup allow to share session data between several PHP servers hosted behind a load-balancer. In a simpler environment, it allow to prevent storing sessions data on file system. This howto describe the installation of a custom PHP sessions manager using a hybrid Memcached / MySQL storage.

  • Install PHP5.3 on Debian 7.0 Wheezy

    Debian 7.0 Wheezy provide by default PHP 5.4. This can be a problem with some Web applications. This howto describe the installation of PHP 5.3 from the DotDeb repositories for Squeeze on Debian 7.0 Wheezy.

  • Install the Pinba PHP extension on Debian

    Pinba is a PHP extension gathering performance informations on the web applications hosted on the server using it.