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by Pierre-Yves Landuré last modified Apr 08, 2013 06:47

Posts about the Xen virtualization solution.

  • Install Xen on Debian

    Xen is a free virtualization solution alternative to VMWare ESX. This how-to help you to install it on Debian GNU/Linux.

  • Setup xen-tools on Debian

    xen-tools ease and automates the creation of Xen domUs. This howto propose a standardized Debian GNU/Linux domU with backup infrastructure, easy SSH access and minimal security.

  • Create a Xen domU

    This howto helps you to create a Xen domU with xen-tools and a distinct /var partition.

  • Opening the ports of a Xen domU using NAT

    When Xen is setted up with a NAT network, iptables is needed to associate domU's ports to dom0 ones. This howto helps you to configure the needed iptables' rules.

  • Link a NATed Xen DomU to a public IP address

    When bridged networking allow to give a public IP address to a DomU, NATed networking allow to use the same public IP address for many DomU (provided that listened to port are different). On of NATed networking inconvenient is that all DomUs have the same public IP address. This guide present a method to give another public IP address to a specific DomU.